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Entdecken Sie hier unser Staples Sortiment. Jetzt informieren Revocation checking is broken and has been for some time. OCSP must-staple to the rescue

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OCSP Stapling and OCSP Must-Staple could fix it in theory. But that would require working and stable implementations in the most widely used server products. But that would require working and stable implementations in the most widely used server products OCSP stapling, formally known as the TLS Certificate Status Request extension, is a standard for checking the revocation status of X.509 digital certificates. It. In diesem kurzen Microblog-Beitrag möchte ich auf die Aktivierung von OCSP Must-Staple in Kombination mit nginx eingehen With the announcement of the Heartbleed bug and the resulting need to revoke large numbers of SSL certificates, the topic of certificate revocation has, once again. Is the Web Ready for OCSP Must-Staple? IMC '18, October 31-November 2, 2018, Boston, MA, USA Web server CA Client CRL Web server Client OCSP CA 1 2 1

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OCSP Must-Staple. Setting up OCSP Must-Staple is fairly easy as it's simply a flag that needs to be set by your CA in the certificate they generate for you Last year, we laid out a long-range plan for improving revocation support for Firefox. As of this week, we've completed most of the major elements.

当我们的证书被ca签署出来之后,因为一些特殊的情况(私钥泄露、用户放弃等等)我们需要去吊销该张证书,那该证书被. OCSP Must-Staple. 2016 年 3 月 8 日にリリース予定の FireFox 45 では、OCSP Must-Staple がサポートされるようです。 OCSP Must-Staple は. I've talked about OCSP Stapling in the past and more recently about the new Must-Staple flag you can set in your certificates, but there's a bit of a problem The original public key infrastructure (PKI) certificate revocation list (CRL) scheme didn't scale as the number of certificates and inevitable revocations exploded Internet-Draft X.509v3 Extension: OCSP Stapling Required October 2012 the client to avoid reliance on certificates that are revoked for the reasons that occur most.

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  1. On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 8:58 AM, Tom Ritter <tom@ritter.vg>; wrote: > I support this. I would also like to seek to have it added to the > HTTP Strict Transport.
  2. OCSP is one of two primary protocols by which clients communicate with Certificate Authorities (CAs) to obtain revocation authentications. In my previous post, I.
  3. 위 스크린샷에 대한 자세한 내용은 여기서 참고할 수 있다. 내 블로그에도 ssl 설정에 관한 내용이 있는데, 참고하실 분은.
  4. Also, in the future it may be possible to opt your site into mandatory OCSP stapling (OCSP Must-Staple), which will improve security by letting you effectively revoke your certificate if its private key is compromised (at the moment, there is no airtight way to revoke SSL certificates). If you configure OCSP stapling now, you'll be able to easily opt into mandatory stapling in the future
  5. After Firefox added OCSP Must-Staple and Let's Encrypt supports it now, it would be nice if SSLLabs also checks this feature. Of course there should b

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  1. Damit wird die Problematik gelöst, wenn das Zertifikat zwar zurückgerufen wurde, der Angreifer aber im Besitzt des geklauten oder geknackten Schlüssel ist und er ohne OCSP Must-Staple das Zertifikat trotz des Wiederrufs weiterbenutzen kann
  2. TLS, the de facto standard protocol for securing communications over the Internet, relies on a hierarchy of certificates that bind names to public keys
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  4. Open issues/risks ` Stage 1: Definition 1. Feature overview. CA:ImprovingRevocation#OCSP_Must-Staple. Websites that implement OCSP Must-Staple will get Hard Fail.
  5. Understand the OCSP Must-Staple extension in the certificate Present the Certificate Status Request (CSR) to the web servers Reject the certificate if they do not receive OCSP response
  6. OCSP Stapling can be enabled on a range of servers including IIS, Apache, and NGINX. Use the links below for instructions on enabling OCSP Stapling in Apache and NGINX. Use the search bar to find additional articles on OCSP Stapling

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